Saturday, October 30, 2010

Seeing straight

My right eye has always given me problems. When I was little the tear duct was clogged so they fixed it but ever since then it waters too much. Which means that I'm wiping my eyes more, which irritates them, which causes more watering, and makes a vicious cycle. So my right eye now looks more droopy and tired and lined all the time from the years of rubbing my eye. It drives me insane. I have some anti wrinkle cream stuff for eyes but I forget to use it. I want to try just using it around my right eye to see if it makes a difference in how it looks. The other issues that eye has is that when I was around 12 or so I got an infection in my eye from touching a cold sore then touching my eye. That left a scar on my eye. Also, ever since having kids I've developed some mild seasonal allergies that create a gunky buildup in that eye, leading to more eye rubbing. Oddly though, I have better vision in that eye lol. My left eye prescription is -5.5 and my right eye is +.75. So I only wear a contact in my left eye.

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