Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm quitting

So, only two more months of doing childcare for me! It's been a nice way to earn a little extra income for my family without having to leave the kids, but I'm tired. The thing with any kind of home based business is that you don't get a break from your home life while still having the responsibilities of a job, it's like working a double job. And I just can't do it anymore. Mentally or physically. Plus I really won't be able to after the babies are born because I have to take Jakey to preschool twice a week and our minivan only fits 5 carseats/boosters so no room for any extras lol. So I won't be taking on any more kids, and after December when the mom of the two I watch has her baby I won't have them anymore. The loss of that income, especially when we will have the extra bills from 2 new babies, will stink, but there's really no other option. And I am so relieved.

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