Saturday, October 30, 2010

Want my old body back

Some days I really wish I still had the same body I had in high school. For most of my childhood I danced, mostly jazz and some ballet and tap. In 10th grade I was on the school dance team and was having practices every day during the week, even in summer we had to take extra classes and practice. I was flexible and had actual muscles, especially in my legs. We moved before 11th grade though and my dancing died down. I took a class at school and then a class a local lady taught, but it wasn't the same as the constant practices and hours of dancing that build muscles and keep up flexibility. Now after 8+ years and a handful of kids my body is definitely not in that shape anymore. I keep telling myself I'd love to take a dance class again, but I'd probably have to start out with a beginner class because my body just isn't used to it anymore. One of the credits I need for college has to be some healthy fitness related class and they have dance classes, so I've been thinking of doing that next fall when I go back.

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