Friday, October 29, 2010

School Halloween Parade

Today we got to go to my 6-year old's school to watch them all parade around the gym in their Halloween costumes. It was so cute. Of course my camera is stupid and wouldn't take the picture as he passed, but I did go to his class after and got a picture of the whole class (which unfortunately I won't be posting, because that's a lot of little kids whose parent's might not like their pic on the Internet). There were tons of Marios and witches and vampires. I swear almost half of the kids were dressed as vampires. Seems to be a very popular costume this year. My 17-year old sister is even dressing up as a vampire. She's wearing one of our other sister's old prom dresses and a really cool grey cape. I'm sure there will be fake blood involved. I was shocked at some of the scary costumes that parents let their little kids wear, especially around other little kids that could get scared easily. I prefer my kids to look as unscary as possible lol. Jason and Jakey are tigers and Nathan is a monkey, and they all look adorable. I will get a pic of them up when we get them all dressed up together.

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