Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Madness- Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Well, today I am 23 years young :D Should be a good day, except for the lack of sleep lol. Sweet hubby gave me my presents, some Willow Tree figurines I'd wanted, one with a mom and baby, and one with a mom and little boy. They are so cute.

We had cake and ice cream with the in-laws last night, yummy. And tonight we are going out to eat at Olive Garden, because that is my favorite restaurant and my mom gave me $50 to go.

I don't feel any older, and I guess I'm still not very old yet. Mother-in-law was telling me last night that she had gotten married at my age, so it's kind of weird that I'm married with 2 kids already hahaha.

Busy day planned. We got our Christmas tree decorated yesterday, and today hubby is going to put lights on the house. Then we have baby's 6 month appointment at 2, poor little guy gets shots. Then we are driving to Olive Garden, the closest one is 45 mins away. Tomorrow will be busy too. I have to get a few fillings at the dentist, yuck! Then Hubby's work Christmas party is at 6, but I need to leave here at 3:15 to pick him up at 4 from work, then drive the 1.5hrs to where the party is at. I don't know who planned for the party to be so far away, especially when they all have to be back to work the next day! Oh well, should be fun.


Beth said...

Hey, happy birthday!! Dinner at Olive Garden sounds like a FABULOUS way to celebrate -- and $50 should get you plenty of delicious food! How great of a present from your mom!

Kara said...

Yeah, I'm excited :D And guess what Michelle got me? A $15 gift card for Deseret Book! I'm so excited to go use it! It was the perfect present, I have the bestest friend :D

Barb said...

It's not quite 11pm, so I didn't miss your birthday!

Happy Birthday to youuuuuu :)

Kate said...

What fun gifts/plans! Hope the day was as great as you are! *HUGS*

Amber said...


By the way, I LOVE the song on your site. Where'd you get it? I'd love to know the artist and song title, please?

Kara said...

the song is by the trans-siberian orchestra, can't remember the title of it right now, nutcracker something or other I think. got it from

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!
I love the willow tree statues. I used to have the mother/baby one, but someone knocked it off my fireplace and broke it last year. I have a couple other ones, but I miss that one.
Hope your birthday dinner was good, and that tonight's party is good too!