Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday To-Do

Here's my to-do list for today:

* Go to post office to mail packages (I told you it's an every day thing!) and get my passport stuff sent

* Do more laundry and fold the pile in my room before it gets too out of control

* Dishes, of course, when do I not have dishes to do?!

* Clean up toys, again an every day thing

* Make a grocery list cuz we have nothing to eat, unless you count ramen noodles, but I'm not sure if they are really food?

* If our storage room shelves come today I need to get them set up

* List some stuff on Ebay

* Go change 2yr old's stinky butt!


Kara said...

Well, let's see what I got done:
- Got a few things ready to ship but never made it to the post office.
- Did a few more loads of laundry but no folding, the mountain is getting bigger
- I did do the dishes!
_ I also cleaned up the toys, but they are all over again
- No grocerry list
- Got the shelves put up in the storage room and they look great!
- Listed Ebay stuff
- and of course changed many stinky diapers

Michelle said...

Sounds like a productive day. I'm sorry I wasn't a big help with the post office! We had so many things to do today. Where did you get your shelved for your storage room?

Kara said...

We got them on Ebay for a great deal :)

Barb said...

Just sitting here enjoying the Christmas music :)