Monday, December 25, 2006

Tired But Happy

I had a really good day today. Hubby got me great gifts. A fluffy white bathrobe, a roaster oven thing, and a gift card to get a massage, manicure and pedicure! I'm very excited for my massage, I love them! I got a few other little things. A few of hubby's gifts got delayed by weather and won't show up until later, but he got a few DVDs and things. I had fun watching 2 yr old open and play with his gifts. After about 3, he got tired of unwrapping presents and just wanted to play with what he had, so we helped him unwrap the rest. Note to self: don't bother wrapping more than 2-3 gifts for toddlers, they lose interest quickly, just set the rest out where they can get to them. Later we went to hubby's grandparent's house for a family dinner. It was good and fun. Now I'm tired from the long day. Tomorrow we are going home so I need to make sure we get everything all packed up and ready to go.


Barb said...

OOoo.. sounds like Santa was good to you! If you don't mind, I'll just take this gift certificate. (Giggle.)

We had the four grandkids ages 4, 3, 2 & 11 months to watch open things.. and you hit that nail right on the head!

Kara said...

I agree Lorie. I hate those plastic ties that you have to practically use a chainsaw to get off. Next year I am getting everything out of the boxes before hand, and only wrapping a few.