Friday, December 15, 2006

No Surprises This Christmas!

I just got a reminder of why I haven't bothered to wrap Christmas presents yet. I have a 2 year old. Anyone with a 2 year old knows what a terror sweet little angel they can be. We only have 3 presents under our tree right now, one for hubby, one for 2yr old, and one for baby, all from my mom (I know, where's mine? She hasn't gotten it yet). I already knew what they were because she'd told me, but I'm trying to let the others be surprised. 2 year old evidently doesn't want to be surprised. Yesterday he ripped open baby's gift. I pieced the paper back together and taped it up haphazardly. Today he opened hubby's gift. Luckily hubby is not home and I was able to get it pieced back together too. I'm sure tomorrow it is his present's turn. I should probably just put them out of reach until Christmas but I'm too lazy I like the look of presents under the tree. I'm just glad none of mine are there. I want to be surprised!

Updated: He opened baby's again, it is beginning to look like a Frankenstein present, taped together so grossly, edges sticking out where they never should have been. Arg, and it sounds like he's getting into his!


Anonymous said...

LOL! I put presents out a couple weeks ago, and the most the kids have done is step on them. Maybe you can build a wall around it to protect them? lol!

Barb said...

If the Frankenstein present gets up and starts dancing to Putting On The Ritz, make sure you camcord it ;)

Kara said...

Oh I will :D LOL

Michelle said...

Kids are so funny. Presents are like chocolate, they can't wait to eat (open) it. I'd put them away so he can't get to them. Or cover them with pine needles!!