Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Hate Packing Peanuts

Really, who's idea was it to invent packing peanuts?! They are the most annoying, messy, horrible way to pack something in. If you want to tell someone you hate them, just send a package filled with packing peanuts, especially if they have a 2yr old. I had to clean up a mountain of them after 2 yr old decided to dump a huge box all over the office. He enjoyed them and even tried helping clean it up, but I could strangle the guy who sent us that package.


Michelle said...

I like them to keep things from breaking, but they do make a mess. A huge mess! Especially if a two years gets to them. I'm sorry he did! What a pain for you. :(

Barb said...

I agree! Bubble wrap was much more fun!

Lorie said...

I like peanuts for kids crafts in the winter, it makes great snow, but yes they are messy!