Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Favorites

Today I'm switching it up, instead of my favorite stuff, today I'm doing LEAST favorites. So here is a list of my least favorite household chores:

1) Dishes- I usually wait until there are no more clean utensils or plates and no free counter space, then I give in

2) Laundry- well, if I didn't have to fold and put it all away I wouldn't mind at all, but this also piles up, at the foot of my bed until I absolutely have to get it put away.

3) Vacuuming- I'm not sure why I don't like this one, but I just don't

4) Mopping- Just hate it, especially on hardwood and tile. Linoleum (although ugly) is much easier to mop, you don't need special cleaners, but we have hardwood and tile. I know this is really sad, but I've only mopped maybe 2-3 times since we moved here 6 months ago, and that was because 2yr old flooded the bathroom so I had to clean it up (and the water was already there lol) and when 2yr old decided to use the fridge water dispenser to make a waterfall down the side of the fridge and all over the floor (again, the water was already there lol). I think I just realized why God gave people 2yr olds, to get us to do chores we otherwise wouldn't lol!

5) Keeping the living room clean- it's just impossible, end of story.

So what are your LEAST favorites today???


Skittles said...

Ewww.. I hate mopping, too!!!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...


Kara said...

yay!!! I'm so happy!!!

Skittles said...

Me again!

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