Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Rambling

Grr, my boys are driving me batty today. They refuse to clean up the playroom and Jason keeps picking on Jakey. Plus Jason woke up Jakey from his nap, which really annoys me cuz I need that nap time! They are giving me a headache.

We don't have anything to do today, except scouts at 4. Oh, before I forget I need to call the chiro to set up appointments, I keep forgetting or only remembering during their off hours... OK, got that done :D Monday at 4:30. (I had to type it here in case I forget lol).

I want to go to Ikea to get some cute plastic cups and plates they have, because I'm tired of broken glasses lol. I think maybe I'll see if Hubby wants to go after dinner. Have I ever said how much I love Ikea? Well, I do. It is an awesome store and I'm glad we have one nearby. I could spend all day there. And their cinnamon rolls are sooooo yummy! Hubby says I'm like a kid in a candy store when I go there lol.

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Beth said...

Sorry about no naps today. That stinks.

I love IKEA, too! We don't have one here and I miss it.