Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Skin changes

It's amazing how much fluctuating pregnancy hormones affect my skin. My psoriasis was getting worse before, but has cleared up a ton since getting preggo. I was looking at pictures of my arms from when I first was pg until now and there is a huge difference. Of course the nice summer sun helps that too. My face on the other hand did the opposite. I think it is finally starting to clear up. As soon as I got pregnant I broke out so bad. I had zits all around my chin and mouth and it drove me nuts. And of course I couldn't use any special acne treatment to get rid of them since I'm pg, so I just had to try to clean my face well and just deal with it. But now it finally seems to be looking better, thank heavens.

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Stacey said...

I got occasional breakouts during my pregnancy,nothing too bad. After I had Camden though my face was so dry and itchy. It's nice to be back to normal again. lol