Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Growing Belly

I guess it's been long enough since I posted a good belly pic. You can see my belly in some of the Bear Lake pics, but considering how fat my butt and thighs look in those pics, I'd rather give you a better (aka more clothed) picture of what I look like right now. So here's a picture of me from today, a little past 28 weeks. See, I guess I don't look that bad :D Actually, it's a pretty good picture of me compared to most, and my hair even looks better than normal since I straightened it. I've started getting the "Wow, you are finally looking really pregnant!" comments from ladies at church. I thought that was funny cuz I've been looking "really pregnant" for weeks now, but then I realized most of them hadn't seen me in a month since we were in Bear Lake last week and I was helping in nursery and primary at church for 3 weeks before that. So I guess for those that hadn't seen me in 4 weeks I really have grown quite a bit.


kirstensworld said...

Yep, you certainly look 10 weeks ahead of me! Don't worry though, I'll be there shortly! And PS, your thighs are not fat! Good luck witht the next 12 weeks!

Anonymous said...

You are so cute! You definatly do not look like a woman who is pregnant with her 3rd baby!