Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I got the chance to try out a cool payment service called eBillme. With eBillme, you go to their site and buy from one of the online shopping sites they list, select the eBillme payment method, they give you all the info you need, and then pay through your bank's bill pay service. We already use our bank's bill pay to pay most of our bills so it is nice to just be able to pay through that. I ordered Season 3 of The Office, because I got Hubby Season's 1 & 2 for his birthday and he's been watching those over and over and we are ready to watch more lol. It was easy to choose what I wanted to get from, select the eBillme payment option during checkout, and then get my payment set up through bill pay. They send you the bill with account number and eBillme's payee information, you simply enter it all in and in just a few minutes it's all ready to go. It only took me about 3-4 minutes total to order and set up the payment. Plus, next time I order with eBillme I won't have to enter all the payee info in my bill pay so it will go even faster. What I really like about using this to pay with my bill pay is that I have a record of it right in my bank account so I can easily keep track of what I spend through them. Check it out at

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