Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good start

Today is off to a good start, mostly because I got to try out the first veggie harvested from my garden! It was just one lonely pea pod, but it was just perfectly ripe and yummy :D You can read more about how my garden is doing at my garden blog.

I'm watching Olympics that I DVRd yesterday. I heard we did great in gymnastics yesterday so I want to see that, and I like watching the diving. I haven't watched as much Olympics as I've wanted cuz I forget lol. I'm glad I have DVR so I can at least watch some of them that I remember to record.

I better go start lunch and get some laundry going. I'm setting a goal to get at least 3 loads washed and put away today. I should be able to get it all done if I really want to, but don't want to disappoint myself lol.

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Michelle said...

We love to watch the Olympics and have stayed up way too late watching every night, lol! We like the gymnastics and diving too. :D