Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday To-Do

OK, not really much on my list today:

* Dishes (do they EVER end?!) Hubby will be proud, I even hand-washed the pans that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher, a job I normally let stack up until his turn to do dishes lol

* A few loads of laundry Done!

* Clean Jakey's room Really didn't take too long, and I think I will leave the boys in the same room for now

* Wait around for TV repair guy He showed up around 5ish, and charged us $49 for his 5 minutes of time :P

Yeah, not much to do. I have just a load or so of laundry to finish up since I got most of it done (AND folded!) yesterday when I had no Internet. Then I am probably going to try getting Jakey's room cleaned up. I have been locking the boys out of it and making Jakey sleep in Jason's room lately because they kept getting into the boxes of baby stuff in the closet and dumping them out. So I need to get that all cleaned up and decide if I'll just keep them in the same room again or let Jakey have his own room back. It hasn't been a problem to have them in the same room, but it's just weird having that whole room not being used for anything lol.


Unknown said...

Ahh no Internet would drive me crazy 2! Glad your back on.

Anonymous said...

I have way too much to do today but I can't get moving. Good luck!