Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Last weekend

I guess I never remembered to talk about our trip last weekend lol. Well, mostly it was long and exhausting. We left near 9am Friday and headed up to Idaho. We stopped for gas, lunch, and bathroom breaks. 5 long hours later we arrived at our destination. Hubby's friend Kirstin got married. It was a beautiful ceremony outdoors. She looked so gorgeous and I loved the colors. Plus there was delicious cheesecake, mmm. We spent a few hours there catching up with her and his other friend Adalynn. Then we started back to Pocatello to see a few friends, one of Hubby's old work buddies and the neighbor who's baby (Little T) I used to babysit. That was nice, and I can't believe how big T has gotten! We then drove to Logan and arrived at almost 11pm. In total we probably spent around 9 hours in the car that day. I was so tired and my back was hurting so bad. Poor Jakey was just crying every time we put him back in the car seat because he was just so tired of being in the car. We checked into our crappy hotel, into our smoking room. Ugh. That was all that was available that weekend because of the "Napoleon Dynamite Days" going on in Preston :P So I just wanted to sleep after the long day, but I could barely breathe in that stinky room. Plus Jakey ended up in bed with us and tossed and turned all night. So I did not sleep well. Luckily it was just one night and we left by 9am the next morning. We went to a big buffet breakfast at a park in Preston (30 mins from Logan) where we met up with Hubby's brother. It was a nice yummy big breakfast and, all full, we headed home. Luckily it is only about 2.5 hours from there to home, so we didn't have to spend all day in the car again. Then we just spent the rest of Saturday being lazy cuz we were all exhausted. So that was my trip last weekend :) I really hate long drives while pg, my back just hurts too much sitting in the car that long.

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