Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Game Time

A few weeks ago I received a fun surprise in the mail. I wasn't expecting anything so I excitedly tore into the box and found a cute game- Disney DVD Bingo. I knew right away that my boys would love this. I got it out and the boys gathered around. I tried explaining the rules, but they didn't understand so we just went ahead and started playing with me helping them out. Jason started understanding as it went on and had fun searching for the numbers and characters that were called out. Jakey had more fun just taking off the game pieces and putting them back on however he wanted. After dinner that day I got Hubby to join us for a game and it was a lot of fun. We each helped the boys and it was great to spend that little time together as a family just playing. I know my boys love when we just get down and spend time playing with them, and it is relaxing for the whole family to just have some fun together. We definitely need to do stuff like that more often.

If you want to get this fun family Disney Bingo game just go to or to order it. It is inexpensive and will give your family a chance to spend some fun time playing together.

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