Saturday, February 17, 2007

SMART Habit Saturday

Last week I set my goal to get back into doing my goals that were already set, because my vacation threw it all out the window. The goals were:

#1 Clean 1 hr a day
#2 Unload/load dishwasher throughout day to avoid dirty dish pileup
#3 Brush my teeth 2x a day

Unfortunately I've been sick for a week and it's been hard for me to do anything. I did ok, but I could definitely do better. I only brushed my teeth on 3 days and only cleaned an hour on 3 days, and off and on keeping up with the dishes. I would post a pic of my Joe's Goals page, but it's embarrassingly empty lol. I will do better this next week, hopefully I'll be feeling better too.

My new goal is going to be to read my scriptures every night. I've gotten out of the habit and haven't read them in a long time. So one chapter a night will be my goal.

If you haven't joined SHS yet you can still do it! Check out The Lazy Organizer.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you've been sick...hope you are feeling better! :) You are still doing a good job with your goals. I admit I've been struggling but I'm getting there..slowly, but surely! Hope you have a blessed week!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I love, love, love the song!!!

An Ordinary Mom said...

I just posted a comment, but the blogger monster seems to have eaten it so if it ends up making its way back to your site, feel free to delete one of these :)!!

Sorry you have been sick, that is never any fun. I hope you get better soon. Good luck reading your scriptures this week!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you were sick! I hope your scripture study goes well! That can help your days so much!!

Betty's Loosing Race said...

So sorry you have been sick. It must be going around this week. Completing your goal 3 times this past week is still good.

Good luck on your goals this week. I think a lot of us are woring on reading the scriptures.

Looking forward to your update next week.

I do love this song too! Now that it is over I will go now.


Kassie said...

Being sick really throws things off. And it seems so hard to get back to doing what we were doing. Hope you're feeling better and able to pick back up on your habits. Good luck with your scripture reading. I know it really makes a difference when I am consistent with it.

Lara said...

I think you are amazing for doing as much as you did! I was sick this week too but it was a mild cold and I'm already feeling better. I hope you get feeling better quickly too.

Have a great week with your scriptures!