Thursday, February 15, 2007

5 Things I Haven't Mentioned Before

I was tagged by CrAzY Working Mom for this MEME. Basically I tell you 5 things I might not have mentioned yet on here.

1) I'm underweight. I have no idea how this is possible after having 2 kids, eating all the time, and being a sugar-holic, but it's true. My family and in-laws are always telling me I'm too skinny and need to eat more. I really do try!

2) I don't like Steak and Shrimp. Everyone says I'm weird because of it, but I just can't stand either.

3) I like Veggietales. You know "Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun!" I think it's a cute carton, and I prefer my Toddler to watch that over most other cartoons these days.

4) When I was around 15 I broke my pinky playing church basketball. Amazingly, the only 2 shots I made the whole season were during that game after it happened. I am no good at sports but somehow I could manage sinking 2 shots with a broken pinky?! Luck I guess.

5) Most people think I'm younger than I am. I'm 23. At work most people guess I'm 17, they don't believe me when I say I'm 23, married, with 2 kids. My braces probably have something to do with it.

OK, I tag...Beth, Dawn, and Rachel. I'm not tagging Michelle this time cuz I always do and I figure it'll get to her from one of those people anyway lol!


Dawn said...

I did it! :) LOL I definately think it's weird you don't like steak and shrimp! I could live on steak and shrimp!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks for playing! :)
You did a great job. That's odd about being underweight. Hvae you ever been to a doctor for it?

Kara said...

Well, I haven't been underweight until just recently, maybe the last 4 months or so. After having Baby the weight just kept coming off, no dieting or anything. I was 125 before I fot pg with Toddler, 119 before I got pg with Baby, and now I'm around 114 (was down to 110 before my trip to Cancun, all you can eat free buffet and lazy days helped DH and I both pack on a few lbs! lol).