Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So, is that enough color?

LOL, so what do you think now? Definitely more colorful! Almost blinding even! I like it, it looks happy. :D I'm sure I'll still fiddle with it. Any suggestions? Let me know what you like or don't, or if you think the whole thing is hideous lol. I'm working on finding a different background since I don't like the plain turquoise.


Beth said...

Wow! That is lots more color! Yay!

I really love that new banner! Very pretty. It kind of looks tropical around here. *pulls up a beach towel and starts slathering on the sunscreen*

Dawn said...

Oohhhhh Kara!!! it's so bright and cheerful like you!!! :) I love it!

Michelle said...

*Pull out a beach towel next to Beth. Where's the drinks?*

I love it Kara! Especially the banner, that's really cute. :D

Kate said...

Ahhh! *puts on sunglasses and sits down next to Michelle and Beth*
Virgin daquiris all 'round! ;)