Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Help, I can't get motivated!

I really should do some laundry, or dishes, or even pick up a few toys, but I do not feel at all motivated! Mostly it's because I'm just exhausted, I could really use a full night's sleep. Plus this month has just been crazy with our vacation, then being sick for a week and 1/2, and Hubby's accident, on top of normal life of taking care of kids and house and working, I feel mentally tired. I haven't been doing my SHS goals even. I think I might go make some cookies and see if that helps. :)


Dawn said...

AWwww ((hugs)) I totally feel ya! I ended up taking a nap for several hours today (when Kevin came home) because I just couldn't hang anymore. I hope you can get some sleep, it's totally necessary! :)

Crazy Working Mom said...

Well, if ya need someone to eat 'em...send them my way. I've been having such a sweet tooth lately!

Kara said...

Dang, what if I don't have any milk right now?! I better get some before tomorrow! But I did have an afternoon of doing nothing and root beer floats :D Thanks to Michelle.