Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hello Again

Hello Again Everyone!!!
I was just writing another entry on my wife's blog just to see if I can drive her nuts. Just kidding. I was actually writing to give an update on my thumb. It is actually healing really well. Kara has actually posted an updated picture in the same link as the hospital pictures. It is under the post entitled 'Warning-Graphic'. And with the pain killers in action, life is peachy. I am able to bend my thumb and I am getting used to the fact that it is a bit shorter than normal. All in all, though, it is healing great and in the end, hopefully, it will seem like nothing happened (besides the shorter part. Thanks again for all your get wells. Until next time, take care.


Dawn said...

Nate, your finger looks like it's healing really well!! I'm surprised cause I was expecting it to still look all hamburger-y! I had to LOL just a little about it being shorter....when my oldest son was just under 2 he did that throw-his-body-in-weird-jerky-motions thing that toddlers do while I was holding him under his armpits (you know thumbs on his chest, rest of hand on back?) Anyhow SNAP! There goes my thumb! Weeks and weeks and weeks in a cast and I have one shorter thumb too now!!! Anyhow if I put my hands exactly like yours are in the pic, it looks soooo similar!! (Except the bloody yuck part!) ;)

Kate said...

Glad to hear you're healing nicely Nate! :)