Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday To-Do

OK, here's what I need to do today:

* Clean out fridge, it's way past time, I'm scared of what I'm going to find!

* Dishes, especially after I clean out the fridge :P

* A few loads of laundry (I think my work clothes need washed) and fold

* Pick up toys, neverending

* Try to take a nap

* Go to bank to deposit checks

* Work at 5

I really hate cleaning out the fridge, it's so gross! And it's been a few months since I've done it so it's going to be really bad! But at least now I'll have my tupperware free again lol. And hopefully the kids will let me have a nap today, I'm so tired.


Beth said...

Ack! Cleaning out the fridge is scary! Good luck to you; hope nothing is terribly disgusting in there!

Kara said...

Well, there was a ton of moldy stuff in there, yuck! It's practically empty now. Just need to wash all the dishes once my dishwasher is done, they are soaking right now.