Sunday, May 31, 2009

Contract up

Don't you hate when you sign a contract for something and then you are stuck with it? 3 years ago we signed a 2-year "service agreement" with our satellite TV service. There were a few times we had to have it suspended due to finances or moving, so that just prolonged the 2 year agreement, until now. In about a week we will finally be free of our obligation to stay with the company. Not that our service has been bad, we just want the freedom to choose other services. So in one week we are finally getting rid of our satellite service. With the switch to digital broadcasting we will get our local channels and a few other analog channels and that will be enough, and we don't have to pay a thing for it. Most of the stuff we really want to watch is on those channels so we won't be missing much. In fact we will be gaining time that we are currently wasting watching the channels we don't need. And with most TV shows being available online, we can watch shows we don't get any time we want. Right now we are watching old reruns of That 70's Show. It's funny, but I won't really miss it too much. Especially the commercials on this channel. I'd rather watch commercials for auto insurance and movie previews than the awful stuff marketed to teens on The N. Yeah, definitely won't miss that. The only other service contract we have is for our cell phones, and I don't really mind that one because we won't find a better deal anywhere else because I used to work for their customer service department 5 years ago and I still get my 25% discount.


Steph said...

I am glad to hear that we will not be the only ones in the world who dont have satellite or cable. We watch plenty of tv with our few channels!!!

Michelle said...

I'm glad your contract is almost up! I know it's been a pain to you. And that's awesome you still get your discount on your cell phones!