Friday, October 16, 2009

Crazy cat house

I'm starting to feel like our house is over-run with cats lol. The kittens are 6 weeks old now (and I really will try to get pics of them up soon) and they can climb and run all over. Today I had to coax them out of a hole in Jason's box spring under the bed. I need to find homes for them in a few weeks. They are already litter-box trained and eating kitten food, I'd just like to get them all fixed before finding homes so whoever takes them won't have this problem lol. Our other female cat looks like she may be pregnant too, but I'm really hoping she's just gotten fat from eating the kitten food (cuz it has more fat than regular cat food). I don't think they make cat diet pills so I'll just have to hope that after the kitten food is gone she'll lose the extra. Really really hoping she's not going to have kittens too.

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