Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wait...what was I saying?

Ugh, I just remembered something I need to do and about 15 seconds later forgot it again! I hate when that happens! I was thinking about needing to get started on PJ pants for my boys for Christmas, and suddenly remembered whatever it was, but now it's gone again :P Hopefully it comes to me again. I swear my brain just does not work as well as it used to. I wish I could buy memory like you can for a computer. I'm pretty sure not getting enough sleep is the biggest problem. I read a study once about how sleep loss affects memory. It makes it so short-term memories don't stick as well or something. You can even ask my Hubby, my memory sucks. We will go to the store and be talking about what we need to buy and 2 minutes later I'll be saying, "Wait, what are we here for again?" and sometimes I'll do that a few times in the same trip! Mtn. Dew might help me stay awake but it doesn't help me think any better lol.

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