Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jakey's 3rd Birthday

Alrighty, here are a few pics of Jakey opening presents at his birthday party. He turned 3 on June 1, and we had his party the following Saturday. We had a ton of people show up and we ate and had a great time.
Ugh, well evidently most of the pics of him opening presents have me looking absolutely disgusting in them so I won't subject you to more than those 2 lol.

And here is a pic of him eating his little cake. :) I made cupcakes for everyone else. (and I only ate 1. Or 2. Or maybe 3. OK, I'm not sure how many I ate, but who can eat just 1 cupcake?! At least I have a good metabolism or I'd need to get the best diet pills available to counteract all the sugar I consume on a daily basis. Anyway, back to the post.)I tried to add a video of us singing Happy Birthday and him blowing out the candle, but it's not working. I probably did something wrong lol.

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