Saturday, January 26, 2008

Life's good

So I bet you are all wondering how I'm doing? Oh come on, I'm sure at least one person must be wondering why I don't post a bazillion posts a day anymore? Or maybe you are all just relieved lol. :D

Anyway, things are going pretty good. Mostly we just stay in the house and do normal stuff like watch TV, clean, take care of kids, etc. The days have been passing very quickly, blending into each other. Hard to believe it's already been 2 weeks since we moved in.

Yesterday I got a nice package in the mail. Michelle and Melissa bought me "New Moon" and "Eclipse" from the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer as a going away present and I finally got it. I was so excited. And guess what? I have already finished them! Yep, in just one day I read both books. They are so good and I just couldn't put them down until I finished. I can't wait for the fourth book to come out, supposedly this fall.

Anyway, got a stinky diaper to change and dinner to serve so I better go. Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Danielle said...

Kara! Those are the best books ever! I love them! Josh got so annoyed every time I picked them up to re-read them. Hehe! I'm glad you read them!

Kate said...

Glad things are going well and that you enjoyed the books . . . I'm still like 20th in line for both at the library . . . *sighs* LOL

*Marie* said...

I missed you! Glad things are going well for you, Honey.