Thursday, January 31, 2008

House Hunting

So now that we have a buyer for our house we get to go house hunting! I'm excited to find a house for us, but not excited about looking at a million houses and working out all the money stuff, mortgage and closing and all. And there is just so much to choose from here, much more than their was in Idaho, so that makes it even harder to choose. We've narrowed down our list to 35 houses, so it may take a while to see them and find one we really like. Luckily I have some online friends to help us out. We meet with our realtor tomorrow to start looking. I really hope we find the perfect house. :) And right now is the perfect time to buy a house with the dropping interest rates, so that is great news for us.


The Becker Bunch said...

Yeah for house hunting and YEAH YEAH YEAH for selling your house!! THat is just so great! I hope it goes that quickly for us when we are ready to sell!!

Katie said...

Good luck!