Friday, January 11, 2008

Clean Carpets

Our carpets look so much better now! It's so nice to have them this clean, even if I only get to enjoy it for a few more days. Now we just have to try to keep it this clean until we leave. We are leaving in a few minutes to go up to Rexburg for the temple open house. We will stay the night up there with Hubby's family, and come home sometime tomorrow. Then we have just a few short days to get the house spotless and the rest of our stuff loaded in the cars before we go. Hopefully when this is all over I'll have some time to actually comment on some blogs, I feel so bad that I haven't been able to lately! Hope you all understand :)


*Marie* said...

Have a good time at the temple open house! There is nothing like it.

Melissa said...

I am so sad that we moved right before the Rexburg temple opened.