Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunction

So I'm in need of new clothes. I desperately need some better church-wear and some new jeans would be great. And living with my gorgeous little sister who has always had better fashion sense than me has really showed how bad off my wardrobe is lol. And I have no idea how to accessorize. Of course without money I can't buy any, it would be great to get some gift cards or Lillian Vernon coupons or anything to help out. When I get a little money I'll have to take my sis with me to help me find some acceptable clothes.

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Dawn said...

Target! They have this massive clearance going on of winter clothes - which it's still going to be winter for a good long time...anyhow lots of church clothes and jeans and shirts for $9 or less, I got a skirt for $5, pants for $5 and three shirts for $6 each...Target saved my wardrobe. :)