Sunday, January 06, 2008

Time Change

So we used to have church at 9am, but this year it's moved to 1pm. On one hand, we had a hard time getting to church on time before, but on the other hand it makes the day seem so short to have it at 1pm. The boys didn't nap before church so they were cranky and napped late after it so they aren't in bed yet. Boy, church time sure does make a difference in daily routines!


Kristin said...

Yeah that does kind of suck. Is there any early service at your church?

Beth said...

Our church switched to 1pm, too. It was at 11am, and I liked 1pm more than I thought I would ... they weren't napping either way, but it was closer to bedtime with the later church! Also, we could grab lunch before we went. AND we aren't overlapping with two wards now, just one, so we get better parking places and don't have to "fight traffic" in the hallways after church! :-)