Friday, January 18, 2008

Getting used to it

I'm really sorry I haven't had a chance to comment much. I haven't had as much opportunity to get on the computer here at my family's house, it's so busy. But things are going really well here. Hubby likes his new job and it's been nice to hang out with my family. Poor Jakey has been sick for a few days with a fever and cough. He threw up a few nights ago and hasn't been sleeping well so we are tired. I found the box with our humidifier so hopefully that will help him sleep better tonight. I need to pick up some medicine vapor stuff to put in it. I also need to run to the store for diapers. I hope to be able to get around to commenting and posting more once we are more used to being here.


Misty DawnS said...

I hope Jakey feels better very soon!

Take your time and get yourself settled - we'll still be here!

Natalie said...

Sorry you're dealing with sickness too. We're setting our humidifier up tonight too.

I've tagged you for a meme.

Michelle said...

Sounds like the move was a good one. :D

Sorry Jacob is sick. I hope he didn't get it from us. :(

Dawn said...

I'm glad you guys are settling in, and hope Jakey gets better soon!