Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Jason had his very first dentist appointment today. It wasn't horrible but didn't really go as planned. We get there and he enjoyed the train table they had while I spent the rest of my life filling out paperwork. Finally we get called back and they sit him in the chair for x-rays and he was not going for it. I even sat in the chair with him but he still would not let them put that little plastic thing in his mouth, so we skipped that and went on to the dentist chair. He wouldn't even sit in it, I again had to sit down and hold him in my lap. We tried to convince him that it would be fun to get his teeth cleaned but he was not having it. Even a Blue's Clues sticker didn't help, so we skipped the cleaning. Then the dentist came in and he had to actually look at Jason's teeth. Jason thought we were trying to murder him, I swear. He screamed and cried through the whole 2 minutes of the exam. Unfortunately he has 2 cavities that will need filled soon. And because they are on the front teeth and they do those white fillings that have to stay dry through the filling process, they put kids this age under to do it so they don't freak out and all. I feel bad for my little guy who will have to go under just to get a few teeth filled. :( And while he is out they will do x-rays and cleaning too at least. We're going to have this done in March when our new dental insurance starts, which gives me time to save up the almost $400 it's going to cost (general anesthesia isn't covered by insurance). Sigh. I am definitely going to be better about brushing and flossing my kids' teeth from now on.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry the visit didn't go very well. Miss J had to be in my lap too. Hopefully his next appointment will be a better one.

Sorry about the $400, that's yuck!

Jen said...

Yuck! I agree! However you are lucky you have insurance. I've had to pay for baby root canals, braces, teeth pulled, spacers put in all with cash! UGH!
If he is old enough and you think he won't swallow it, I would recommend home floride treatments inbetween visits. I've had to use this on all my kids now. We have such rotten bone in my family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this story. I definatly need to do better with brushing my kids teeth.