Friday, January 11, 2008

Service Changes

One thing that is a pain about moving to another state is all the stuff that needs canceled or changed. We are suspending our DirecTV service until we are in our own home, we have to cancel our Packet8 (voip phone) service, our CableOne internet, and then probably change our cell phone numbers after we move. We also have to get our car registered down there and get a new auto insurance quote from our insurance company. I already have set up our mail to be forwarded to our new address starting Monday. Oh yeah, we also need to cancel our newspaper subscription. Hm, am I forgetting anything? Probably. Sigh.


Dawn said...

Yeah I'm not a fan of all those changes that have to be made. Good luck with your move Kara, I hope you get settled quickly.

*Marie* said...

We are still doing all the same things. I hope it gets easier for you. At least the moving part will be over soon. Good luck!