Monday, January 21, 2008

Crazy life

I really wish I had more time to blog. Things are always so busy here and I can't just hide out in my room to get online much. Things have been good. On Saturday we went over to my brother and sister-in-law's place and had dinner and played games, it was a blast. Sunday we had a ton of people come to church to hear my brother who just got back from Spain talk about his mission then we had a huge Thanksgiving-type dinner. It was delicious! Mmmm, my mom's a good cook. Mostly I've just been taking care of my little sickies. Jakey is feeling mostly better but now Jason is sick with it. I spent an hour or two today rearranging our room so it doesn't feel so crowded in here. Hubby will be at work an hour later today because it snowed a ton and traffic was so slow it took him an hour longer to get to work. I wish the boys weren't sick so I could take them out to play in the snow, I'm sure they'd have a blast.

I know I am way behind in meme's so if anyone has tagged me for one lately can you send me an email with a link to the post, then I can get it done sometime? :)

And I'm really going to try to get around to commenting more, I promise.

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Kate said...

*HUGS* I hope that life settles down for you soon and that the boys are feeling better before you know it!