Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Done List

I just realized I never posted my Tuesday To-do list! How unlike me. So here's what I did today:

* Midwife Appointment this morning
* Took sister to a job interview
* Dishes
* Had my sister color my hair

I'm sitting here with hair color soaking in, I needed it so bad, my roots had grown out way too far. And I wanted to look nice when I have the baby, so we had to get it done soon. After I get it all washed out we are heading to my parent's house cuz my dad invited us over to watch some world poker thing with everyone. I probably won't be watching it much since it doesn't really interest me, but we figured we could get out and socialize a little lol. It'll disrupt the boys' bedtime, but that's ok, once in a while won't hurt.

Anyway, make sure you keep checking in here, cuz the baby might be showing up sooner rather than later ;)

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