Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy Busy

Boy, it's been a busy weekend! We had a great Thanksgiving. Then Hubby's family came down for the weekend. They got here Friday and left today. So we have been pretty busy. I am exhausted. I made a big turkey dinner tonight and it was yummy. Yes, we just had Thanksgiving, but because it wasn't at our house we didn't have any good leftovers, so every year we always make our own mini-Thanksgiving on a Sunday around the holiday so that we have lots of turkey to store in the freezer and leftovers to munch on for the week. Of course it's nowhere near as good as the dinner we had at my parent's house, but at least we have some good leftovers.

Tomorrow I have a checkup to make sure my incision is looking good and all that. Oh yeah, and Nathan had his 2 week checkup on Friday. He's up to 9lb 11oz and 21.5". He's healthy and doing great. Hard to believe he's already 2.5 weeks old.

Anyway, I better head to bed. I am so tired and Nathan wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat so I really need to get to bed sooner these days.

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