Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Madness

Still here, no baby. I'm 39w 1d, so it could still be a little while. Sigh. I am very ready to be done. Especially on days like today when the boys won't listen to me and I want to just lock them in their room and go back to bed. And it's only 8:30am.

Hubby found a little kitten on our porch last night and brought it in. If it weren't so cold and wet out I would just put him back out because we do not need another cat and the boys won't leave the poor thing alone. As it is, I am going to make up some flyers to post around the neighborhood because I'm pretty sure he's not just a stray, he's not afraid of us or being in the house and he uses the litter box so I'm sure he's someone's pet. If nobody calls to claim him quickly I'm not sure what I'll do, cuz I do not want him here. Not to be mean, cuz he is adorable and I love kittens, but just keeping the boys from torturing him is quickly wearing at the last shreds of patience I have.

On a happy note- I FINALLY finished the blanket I started crocheting for Jakey when I was pregnant with him! It's only 2.5 years late lol. He was so excited when I told him it was all done and wrapped him up in it. I will try to post a pic later. (I know, I'm always promising pics and not delivering, but I really will!)

I need to go to the library today to return some books and movies, and I have a chiropractor appointment later. Other than that I am going to try to clean today. The house gets messy way too quickly. Already did a load of dishes and I think I'll get some laundry done next and then another load of dishes (how do they pile up so fast?!).

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Anonymous said...

I hope your Monday gets better! I can't wait to see pics of the blanket . . . and unless it's your own supersecret pattern, maybe a link to the pattern you used? I'm currently looking for a WOW baby blanket pattern to crochet for this new little one . . .
I hope the days (I'm really counting on it not being more than a week from now) until your little guy arrives fly by for you! :)