Thursday, November 06, 2008

Getting stuff done

I really do mean to get Halloween pictures up soon, I promise! I just keep forgetting. Hopefully I will get that posted sometime before the baby is born or I may never find time lol. I think I should get all my pics uploaded to the computer while I'm remembering it, so I will get that started while I type this. Plus I need to clear off my memory card anyway before the baby comes so I have room for those pictures.

I've been more productive this morning than usual. I got dishes done, counter and table washed, floor swept, and my little sister helped the boys clean up the family room so I can get it vacuumed. I think I may be nesting cuz I suddenly just want the house to be clean.

Other than that there isn't much going on today. Just a bright sunny day. Oh, and did I mention we've gotten a few inches of snow this week?! I'm sure I've told you all that I HATE snow! Grr. Oh well, it had to show up some time right?

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Anonymous said...

I hate snow as well! You are right around your due date right? I hope the baby comes soon!