Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our stay is almost over

So, I have an uncle who is a nurse but I never paid attention to what hospital he worked at. Turns out he works here at the hospital I'm at right now lol. He stopped by to see us yesterday and just barely stopped by again. Kind of fun. :) I think the only other visitor we had today was my cousin Amanda. The rest of the day it's just been me, Hubby, and Nathan. It's been quiet and boring.

I'm a bit nervous to go home tomorrow and have to worry about the kids and house and feeding myself lol. I'm sure I'll get the hang of things quickly enough, it's just the transition to mommy of 3 is a bit scary. Hopefully it goes smoothly and we all get used to the new addition without too much trouble.

I better go to bed now. I'm tired and my eyes won't stay open, plus my feet are swelling a bit so I need to put them up and rest. Good night!

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