Saturday, November 01, 2008

Lame Thieves

So last night we had a blast taking the boys trick or treating. While Hubby took them around our neighborhood I stayed home to pass out candy. We didn't get as many people as I though we would though. Then we left to go to my parent's house to do some more trick or treating and decided to just leave the candy on the porch with a sign saying to take a handful. I pretty much figured it would be all gone by the time we got home, because there are always greedy kids who will take a ton if it's just left out. And I was ok with that because we didn't need all the leftover candy anyway with the amount of loot the boys got.

So, I was right. When we got home all the candy was gone. But, not only was the candy gone, the BOWL it had been in was gone too! They actually stole the ugly big yellow bowl the candy had been in! I can understand taking the candy, but the bowl?! It wasn't even some fancy bowl, just a big yellow bowl I hardly ever use, not worth anything. Hubby looked around to see if they'd tossed the bowl, but it was gone. I'm wondering what that kid's parents thought when he arrived home with a whole bowl of candy. More likely they did ditch the bowl somewhere, but still as a parent I would notice if my kid brought home a ton of the same candy and make them come back and apologize.

So, I'm not really too angry about it, cuz it was just an ugly bowl I rarely used, but I'm annoyed at the audacity of some people. That will for sure be the last time we leave Halloween candy just sitting on the porch. They had to go and ruin it for the other trick or treaters.


kirstensworld said...

Holy cow, I can't believe they would take your bowl, that is crazy! It's a good thing you didn't use a bowl you would have missed.

Anonymous said...

We never had many kids but most of them that came would take handfuls of candy. I wouldn't let my kids do that! That is really rude that someone would take your bowl.

Anonymous said...

OMG, that's just crazy!

Michelle said...

That is really lame. :P Good thing it was an ugly bowl you weren't attached to. lol!

We were out most of the night and came back to see if trick-or-treaters would come but no one did.