Sunday, November 16, 2008

Home Again!

Well, when we left here Wednesday night I was planning on being home again within a day. That got completely changed and now 4 days later we are finally back! Boy, it's been a crazy weekend. It's nice to be in our own home again with no nurses and doctors coming in and out all the time, hopefully I can get some sleep now. I had to come home and turn on the heater right away though, it got cold here with nobody home for days. Plus now we have a baby in the house so we need to keep it warmer. Hubby usually turns the thermostat down a few degrees more than I like, but gotta keep it warmer for Nathan. Maybe we'll just get some portable fans for Hubby so he won't complain about it being too hot. I am excited to crawl into my own bed tonight, though sad that my bed doesn't have buttons to push to sit up and lay down, cuz it's hard for me to do that myself right now.

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Anonymous said...

JJ and I both like it around 66 degrees inside but we got a heater for our daughters room to keep them warm since their blankets and clothes don't stay on them for long!