Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Madness

It's another Monday. I don't particularly like Mondays. They really aren't much different from any other weekday here, but I guess it's because I've had my sweey hubby home with me all weekend to help take care of kids and clean, so when Monday rolls around and he heads off to work I'm left alone with my little terrors, um I mean sweethearts. Mondays invariably turn out horrible, the kids drive me nuts, I can't keep up with the messes, and by the time hubby gets home I'm ready to sell the kids and hide away to take a long, hot bath. So far today has been fine though (besides being exhausted because baby slept horrible again), so maybe I'll have a good Monday for once. Dishes are done, laundry needs done but I'm doing it later, the bedrooms are mostly clean, and I think I'll put off cleaning my bathroom for another day lol. Well, now baby is screaming at me, I better feed him, and maybe he'll take a nap.


Mimo- JenK said...

Mondays are really hard for me too. Usually the house is in shambles, and it's time to start the laundry again... puts me in a funk. :( Maybe we need to stick a little something in on Mondays to make them more worth while... like that's the day we get a candybar, or something like that, lol!

Kara said...

Mmm, Milk Chocolate Monday! Has a nice ring to it don't you think? LOL, that would definitely help.

Today actually was pretty good, just super long.