Monday, November 13, 2006

10 Things I've Done This Year

Well, I've been tagged! Let's see if I can think of 10 things, hmmm...

1) Finished my 3rd year of college and still don't have a major :P Who knows if I'll ever get a degree.

2) Took a car trip to San Diego when I was 34 wks pregnant. Believe me 14 hours in a car when that pregnant is not fun!!! At all! But the time we spent there was wonderful. It was nice to have time alone with hubby before the baby came (2yr old stayed with my parent's for 4 days).

3) Had my precious little baby boy, my second, on June 1. Wonderful VBAC with no pain meds!

4) Moved from Utah to Idaho, when baby was only 2 weeks old, that sure was fun!

5) Bought a house. Definitely makes me feel like an adult now!

6) Celebrated my 3rd Anniversary with wonderful hubby in July.

7) My older boy turned 2 in September, where has the time gone?!

8) Was able to meet a bunch of friends I met online in August and October. It's neat how close a group can become online, it felt like meeting with friends we've seen forever.

9) Started blogging about 1.5 months ago and become a bit addicted lol :)

10) Went to my grandma's funeral last week. She was 80 and had health troubles for as long as I can remember. It is sad, but she is no longer in pain so it's also a relief.

Man that was hard!

Tag Beth, Mimo, and Barb!


Beth said...

Okay, got mine written! But you already know that. You are a quick commenter. ;-)

Congrats on your schooling! College is tough; I admire people who are doing that and balancing a family simultaneously!!

Mimo- JenK said...

Oy... Did I do anything this year?

And hey! Congrats on your 3rd year! I'm sure you'll get your degree, just keep plugging away at it!
And so glad you joined us in Bloggerville :)

Michelle said...

Your degree will come. You've figured out what to major in now and that's a huge step!!

I'm glad you've joined us in Bloggerville too. You're a great blogger!