Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I feel like I'm forgetting something

I don't know why, but I feel like there's something important that I'm forgetting today. I know I have my little boy's 2 year appointment at 2, I need to put some checks in the bank, and I'm going to get a "Works-For-Me Wednesday" thing up later. I need to do a load of laundry, dishes are done, the house is mostly clean (except the basement where we are working on the storage room). So what am I forgetting?!?! It's really driving me nuts! And I'm sure as I lay down in bed tonight it will hit me, and I'll go "Dang! I really needed to do that!"

Well, I'm going to go put laundry in and hope it comes to me eventually.


Dawn said...

I so know the feeling! I hope you remember, but you've done a ton of stuff already today!

Jen said...

I know! You are forgetting to take a nap and do something for yourself?

Kara said...

LOL, no, I know I need a nap, but I doubt baby will let me.

Claire said...

I constantly feel like that! and i always remember at the wrong time! i turn around to tell someone what i have
remembered, all happy, then realise they will have no idea what i am talking about!lol!
I am loving the blog so far!

Kara said...

I never figured out what I was forgetting :P Maybe it was just my messy house yelling at me to clean. I do feel better after picking up, so maybe that was it.