Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Somethings- On to a new day

I deleted my last post so I wouldn't keep getting worked up over something that's done with and create more bad feelings.

Life: Not too much going on today. My friend Michelle is moving to a new apartment so I'm watching her girls while dear hubby is over there helping out. I don't think I have anything else planned for the day.

Hobby: I'm reading "Currant Events" by Piers Anthony right now. I love his Xanth books, they are very funny.

Projects: I need to work on organizing the storage room stuff, finish a quilt I started 4 years ago, and work on my baby's blanket I started crocheting before he was born and never finished. All in due time. :)

Well, I better check on the baby, I think the kids might have woken him.


Mimo- JenK said...

Well, I missed the deleted post, but I'm glad to see you've moved onto a new day and a fresh start ;)
Hope it's a better day!

Anonymous said...


I just dropped in to check your blog on a link from Skittles
Hang in there and keep up the good work

Kara said...

Thanks :) It was a pretty good day (except for a few things I'll post anbout in a min). :)

Barb said...

My mom has a granny square afghan that she started about 35 years ago and never finished.