Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday To-Do

Let's see what I need to do today:

* Dishes

* 2 loads of laundry (and fold the 2 loads in my bedroom)

* Clean the boys' room

* Make more crochet hats

* Clean up the office

And if I get that all done I might start getting the Christmas decorations out!


Barb said...

My To Do list is..

Check my favorite blogs and sleep :)

Kara said...

LOL :) That's what I'd like! I'd sleep all day if I didn't have to take care of the kids lol. Speaking of which, I better go check on 2yr old, it's too quiet.

Kara said...

I did dishes, a few loads of laundry that still need folded, cleaned the office and boys' room, and started another hat. So far so good :)

Kara said...

Well, the sink is full of dishes again, I didn't finish or fold laundry, the boys' room and office got messed up again, and I only got about 1/3 of a hat done. This is why somedays I wonder why I even try lol! You can't tell I've even done anything!

Mimo- JenK said...

Awww... do it tomorrow ;) That's my motto. Lately, I'm trying not to clean when it's something that should wait until the kids are going to bed... like, it's now seeming rediculous to put away toys in the middle of the day, lol!