Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday To-Do

OK, let me see what I need to do today:

* Clean up family room
* Vacuum - have already gotten family room :)
* Sweep kitchen
* Take sister to an appointment
* Dishes
* Pack labor bag, I keep putting it off

I think that's it! Not really too much to do. I already got my family room picked up and vacuumed and need to vacuum the living room. Dishes always need to be done. I swear they dirty themselves. I do a load a day and am still somehow always behind. One of the last things I need to do to get ready for baby is pack my bag for when I go into labor (and probably a bag for whoever will take care of the boys) and I might get around to doing that today.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get everything accomplished on your list . . . have a great day! :)

Sarah said...

Hi Kara! Are you seriously that close to having your baby!!!!! That is nuts! How are you doing? How are you feeling? How are your boys?!